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. Resveratrol .

We've hear about the benefits of red wine!  Now a breakthru product available as a supplement that gives your more benefits than a glass of wine.

Through his appearance on the Barbara Walter’s ABC AntiAging TV Special,…     Read more

. Arthritis Prevention .

Certain carotenoids, compounds commonly found in some fruits and vegetables, appear to be responsible.

The findings from previous studies have suggested that dietary carotenoids, the chemicals responsible for the orange and yellow coloring of fruits and…     Read more

. Ovarian Cancer .

Ovarian cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in women and the second most commonly diagnosed gynecologic cancer.

Herbal supplements such as Ginkgo have generated interest for their potential preventive effects, but there is…     Read more

. Cocoa Helps Coughing! .

18:41 22 November 2004 news service
Gaia Vince

"These sorts of coughs, often lasting for weeks after a viral infection, can be difficult to treat, especially since it is not possible…     Read more

. Diabetes II and Skipping Breakfast .

People who take the time to eat breakfast are leaner than people who skip it, according to this month's Harvard Men's Health Watch.
Missing breakfast increased risk of obesity fourfold, one study showed.
A menu…     Read more

. Cocoa 'cuts heart disease risk' .

Cocoa has been linked to cardiovascular health benefits since at least the 18th century, but researchers are just beginning to collect scientific evidence for these claims.

The Dutch team, from the National Institute for Public Health…     Read more

. FDA Approves First Shingles Vaccine .

Shingles causes a rash with blisters that usually lasts for two to four weeks. The pain associated with the blisters can be quite intense. Once this initial phase is over, nerve pain called postherpetic neuralgia can set in. This pain…     Read more

. Stress & Cancer .

In the mice, stress hormones attach directly to tumor cells and stimulate new blood vessel growth and other factors that lead to faster and more aggressive tumors, the researchers said.

The study published in the journal Nature…     Read more

. Fat Can Break Your Heart .

One of those chemicals may explain why overweight people have a much higher risk of heart disease than normal-weight folks, say University of Texas researchers.

What was theory, now appears to be fact: In the lab,…     Read more

. Vitamin D Shines Beyond Bone Health .

Many of you may have guessed vitamin D and you would be correct! Vitamin D has long been recognized for its essential role in bone health. Working in concert with a number of other vitamins, minerals and hormones, vitamin D…     Read more

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